Q4 Sports Looks to Shake Up the Performance Basketball Market discusses Q4 Sports:

The rookie and the vet, Quintin Williams is making moves in the market with the launch of his recently coined Q4 Sports brand, but make no mistake, he’s been doing this design thing for a while. Crafting kicks for All-Star caliber players in the league that still sell jerseys, he’s looking to disrupt the marketplace with his business partner, Kenny Carroll, by becoming the ‘anti-brand’ in the basketball space.

Playing David to the Goliaths, Q4 aims to create and sell basketball sneakers on a global level while still maintaining performance and personality. Gaining aesthetic insight straight from the athletes and in talks with eight to 12 current NBA players about shoe deals for next season, their lineup consists of many position specific silos with design that’s accessible but doesn’t appear derivative — a tough task in a follow the leader market.

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