The SCADpro Fund 2020

SCADpro Fund invests in early stage SCAD alumni entrepreneurs solving problems through innovation by design. It has incubated and accelerated ideas with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies around the world. Now, SCADpro is investing in SCAD alumni that are launching and growing invest-able businesses.

Included as a SCADpro 2020 Cohort, Q4SPORTS, co-founded by Quintin Williams (B.F.A., Industrial Design, 2011), is an innovative athletic company committed to athletes at all levels of “Working 4 Yours”. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Q4 was founded on the four principle elements needed to succeed in any game — Purpose, Passion, Commitment, Focus. Their innovative business model includes creating and designing patented technologies to improve performance of all athletes regardless of where and how they play. 

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