WearTesters.com - Q4 Sports Millennium Hi Performance Review

WearTesters.com discusses Q4 Sports Millennium Hi:

Another new brand on the block? These are good times for those of us into performance hoop shoes. The Q4 Sports Millenium Hi performance review is here.

Traction – Man, this is how every shoe should be. Nice rubber. Herringbone pattern. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a cool looking traction pattern that is able to tell a story — when it works. However, story-telling patterns end up being more frustrating than anything else. Gone are the days of the Kobe 5 using a heartbeat pattern that was just shy of being herringbone — until you get to the small brands that are just starting out. Oh, and they’rey comprised of people that have designed performance footwear for these larger brands over for over 10 years. These guys know what works and what doesn’t. Branching off and doing their own thing (the way they probably should have been doing it for the other guys) ends up benefiting those consumers brave enough to try something that isn’t mainstream.

The moral of the story: this sh*t works. Indoors and outdoors. It’s durable and grips. Tell me; what else do you want from your traction?

Cushion – KOMpress is what Q4 Sports is calling its patented foam formula. The midsole tooling is a concave design comprised of pore-like cavities which compresses and bounces back into shape. Similar to Boost? In theory — yes. However, it isn’t the same thing.

This setup is a bit more normal/natural feeling vs being super bouncy or too mushy (I’ve heard and experienced both with Boost). If I could compare it to anything it would be more like Jetlon or Micro G — impact absorption is there while still allowing for court feel. You can see and feel it compress, yet it never became unstable.

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