SLAM - Crunch Time

Slam discusses Q4 Sports:

Q4 Sports is approaching the sneaker world like big-time players approach the fourth quarters of games.

It takes four quarters to play a basketball game, but the final quarter will always be the most crucial and intense.

That fourth-quarter mentality is what drove Q4 Sports to create its new line of premium basketball footwear.

“Are you going to leave it all out on the court, or are you going to be lackadaisical and maybe not win?” asks Quintin Williams, Chief Global Designer at Q4. “I’m trying to win. We all trying to win.”

Since hitting the scene in 2016, Q4 has unleashed a lineup of on-court models that’s catching the attention of hoopers around the globe. From its sea-sponge inspired KOMpress cushioning, to the orthotic-mimicking proprietary insole, Q4 is on the innovation fast track.

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