Q4 Sports The Specialist Performance Review

WearTesters.com discusses Q4 Sports:

"The Specialist is a basketball shoe built for playing and grinding, working out and doing drills, all so you can bust the next team up."

Q4 Sports is new, but the designers aren’t. The Specialist is a shoe designed to make fast guards faster, and Q4 has a handle on what players want and need — but does it work? Well…

Every once in a while, a new company comes along trying to break into the basketball sneaker world with a product that is obviously not even close to a top performance model. Whether it’s the materials, the design, the cushioning — often, the new sneaker just doesn’t measure up. It could be resources, it could be design experience, or it could be the company making a money grab.

Q4 Sports is none of these. The love of the game is obvious from the jump, as soon as you open the box you know these shoes were designed by a player. But, even love isn’t enough to make a shoe bounce. Let’s go.

Yeah, it works, and honestly, it wasn’t the herringbone that felt like it was grabbing most — it was the circle under the ball of the foot and the white triangle on the lateral side. Those two areas feel like a different rubber compound and they are tackier and rougher for grip under the high-stress areas (Q4’s traction system is called Omni Grip, by the way).

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