Q4 Sports is making waves with NBA players

HoopsHype.com: Q4 Sports, a new sneaker startup, is making waves with NBA players

Quintin Williams, the co-founder and global chief designer for Q4 Sports, is on a journey to disrupt the sneaker world with his new company.

That’s an increasingly popular sentiment, as we’ve recently seen the disruption theme associated with Big Baller Brand, the company founded for Los Angeles Lakers rookie point guard Lonzo Ball. Others including Greats, BrandBlack, No.One, Cobbler Union and Jack Erwin have also been described as brands that take a similar approach to their footwear startups.

The niche market where Q4 will separate itself as a company, though, is by working one-on-one with various professional basketball players.

Williams previously worked with former All-Stars when he was a lead designer for a brand in China. He says that his new company is actively engaged in conversations with overseas partners who are very interested in distributing their line because it’s a high-performance product backed by influencers in the NBA.

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